The spirit of hospitality
lives on at this inn on the Misasa River.

Misasa Onsen is a world-class hot spring rich in radon. Hashizuya is right on the Misasa River, in the center of the main street of a hot spring town filled with traditional Japanese charm. The entire inn has tatami flooring and a wooden interior, creating a soothing atmosphere. Our renowned hot spring will get you relaxed and warmed up. We also have open-air hot spring baths for private use. Savor a relaxing time at Misasa Onsen.

[Access by Car]
  • 50 minutes from Tottori Airport
  • 100 minutes from Yonago Kitaro Airport
  • 120 minutes from Izumo Enmusubi Airport
  • 4 hours from Kansai International Airport

Guest rooms

All of our guest rooms are serene spaces, enveloped in the aroma of natural wood. Each room has a unique interior with its own personality.
Our rooms range from two-person to eight-person.


Hot Spring

Our hand-dug hot spring baths include some of the best all-natural hot spring baths in Misasa Onsen. In addition to our communal indoor and outdoor baths, we have open-air baths that can be reserved for private use. Come see why Misasa Onsen has been renowned for generations.



The Misasa region is rich in nature and blessed with a bounty of foods from the sea and the wild mountains. Relish a rich variety of colorful cuisine made with seasonal ingredients that were individually selected with great care. In autumn and winter, we serve special cuisine using fresh crab.



15:00 (last check-in 18:30)
Total number of rooms
WifiFree Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.
Parking lot
Free parking lot: 20 spaces (reservations not required)
Food allergies
Vegetarian options
We will accommodate food allergies to the best of our ability. However, we may not be able to accommodate allergies to soy sauce, serious wheat allergies, persons with multiple food allergies, or vegetarian diets.
(If you are allergic to soy, we can substitute processed soy products such as tofu with non-soy products. However, we cannot substitute certain ingredients, including soy sauce.)
If you require assistance in languages other than Japanese, we can accommodate you using machine translation.
(Japanese only on the phone.)
Credit cards
Not accepted (Only cash is accepted for on-site payments.)
Cancellation fees
  • Same-day:100% of room price
  • The day before:50% of room price
  • Three days before:30% of room price
  • Seven days before:10% of room price
※A cancellation fee will apply to reservations canceled 10 days before the date of stay during certain peak seasons in Japan, such as New Year's holidays, Golden Week (a succession of holidays from the end of April to the beginning of May), and Obon holidays.